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We offer a range of products for the home including tea lights, vases and planters, cheese boards and platters, and cutlery boxes and desk tidies. We also offer pet products, biodiversity products and wood supplies.

We also offer larger bespoke pieces of furniture. Click here to find out more.

Tea lights

Our Tea Lights are all individual. Crafted from pruned apple tree wood.

Available in a range of shapes and sizes, they are perfect as small, individual and affordable gifts.

We also craft individual Tea lights and Multi log Tea Lights to order.

From £3.50

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Vases and Planters

Vases, planters and baskets, hand-crafted from pure apple wood.

From £45.00

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Cheese boards

Cheese boards, fruit and food platters, hand crafted from pure apple wood.

From £15.00

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Cutlery boxes and desk tidies

Suitable for a range of uses, stable and portable they may be used as holders for lots of different items to hold those small items which take up a lot of desk space to holding items which are often misplaced such as TV remotes or used as a centre piece for table cutlery. Functional, decorative, tactile and individually hand crafted.

From £12.00

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Wood Supplies

We have the largest stock of seasoned to green English Apple Wood in the country.

Suitable for: Furniture makers, wood turners, sculptors and hobbyists
Boards: From 1/4″ to 6″ thick, many are cut along the natural shape of the branch. Most have natural edges.
Logs: Up to 8″ in diameter and a variety of lengths
Sculptural pieces: An interesting range of natural applewood forms of many shapes and sizes
Curved branches: A variety of sizes and shapes
Custom wood: If you require a special piece of wood please contact us and we will arrange for you to visit the orchard, view the pruned apple wood. We will then cut the required section for you.

Pure & Natural Pet Products

Applewood pet products

CHEW STICKS For your rabbit or small pets. Freshly cut to order, any size or quantity.
BIRD PERCHES Natural shaped bird perches of any size.

Bespoke pet products

PET TOYS Pure apple wood logs (solid and hollow) of all shapes and sizes to keep your pets occupied and healthy.
PET HOUSING Made to measure.


Bird house

Biodiversity Products

Natural bird boxes

Untreated pure apple wood. Sometimes the holes are pre-made by woodpeckers. With rough insides so that the chicks may climb to the hole in preparation for their maiden flight. All sizes.

Biodiversity boxes

To encourage invertibrates and amphibians.  For placement in a quiet corner of your garden.  All sizes.


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