Visual Merchandising

Enhance your retail and window display with our range of diverse, functional and seasonal window displays tailored to suit your premises and products. Click here for more details.

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Working with you

We endeavour to work with you and craft stunning display platforms which will show off your products to their full potential and provide you with a leading edge in the ever-competitive high street market.

Bespoke for you

Our visual merchandising platforms can be made to any display space, from small to large, and will replicate a multitude of seasonal and festive scenes.

Flexibility is key

Our displays are modular, allowing for different shapes and sizes to be incorporated, and for each piece to be rearranged easily. This keeps the display attractive, interesting and excellent value for money.

Stock items

We have a wide range of stock items which are available to rent or purchase, including:

  • Log and branch plinths; debarked and polished or natural finish
  • Hat and coat stands
  • Clothes horses and rails
  • Tables, benches and stools
  • Vases and boxes
  • Shelving
  • Sculptural forms
  • Many more items

Natural seasonal accessories

We supply seasonal items and accessories, including everything from branches to leaves, and are always willing to try and meet special requests.

  • Logs (natural), with lichen and mosses
  • Twigs and branches
  • Logs polished, different sizes
  • Sculptural natural forms
  • Fruit

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